September 12, 2011

Hot September.

I am sweating while typing this -_-". WHY is it so freaking hot? Geez. Well, tomorrow is my second day of class (lol, feeling like a part time student right now hahaha), and I'm not looking forward to the rain + heat! School's been okay so far (hard to tell with just 1 day of class so far LOL). I survived the 6 hours of non-stop classes last Friday. THANK GOD there were friends who were there to keep me company! Not so lucky for tomorrow's class though, it's outside of my major =(.

Oh yes, before I forget...happy mooncake day (aka autumn festival)! I feel so stuffed from the mooncakes and fruits...good thing I can sleep in since class doesn't start until 4:30 tomorrow XD.

MMMmmm another thing, I'd like to apologize to those who gave us blog awards ><"! We're sloowly making our way through the questions. Plus, joint posts usually take us forever to finish lol. BUT, thanks for giving us those awards, we're not snobby girls who are ignoring you...just lazy bums who fuss too much over what to write for stuff like that XD.

Alright, that's all for the boring update. Will try to blog again in a few days.

Me clutching on to Pearlie during her birthday celebration. WHEN is that girl going to show off all the awesome gifts she got?! Sheesh!!!
So long.


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