September 1, 2011

Library Challenge - July and August '11

Hello! Miss us yet? XD

Being under construction has made us super lazy to blog, even though there's technically only one thing we can't fix on the new layout. Hopefully we'll figure something out soon. Also, you'll notice we switched to Disqus! Woohoo, a better commenting system! Had about enough with crappy blogger one...everyone PLEASE change the embedded commenting system to something else, it sucks ass -_-". Anyway, I wanted to get July and August's book buys out of the way first before they start piling up.

Here's what I got:

X-Men: Psylocke comic // Chris Yost and Harvey Tolibao
X-Force: Sex & Violence // Craig Kyle, Chris Yost, Gabriele Dell'Otto
I know, they're comics...but they still count as books, right? Anyway, both are excellent reads. LOVED THEM. The story in the Psylocke comic was a tad bit depressing, but I liked it. When I got to the climax I went "OMG NO WAY, WHAT?!" lol XD. The Wolverine/Domino comic on the other hand was lighter but equally entertaining. What an awesome pair! Made me fall in love with Domino!! She is hilarious =D. 

The Robe of Skulls // Vivian French
Did not know this was a children's novel until I got home and started reading it. LOL. I got it for $5, and the little blurb at the back sounded dramatic and interesting. Plus it was in the fiction section for misleading! Tsk tsk* shame on you, Indigo staff.  Anyway, I read a little bit of it and it's cute. My kids will definitely like this (haha, thinking far, aren't I?).

I've decided to include D's books too, since we made a deal to both buy minimum 1 book a month to contribute to "our" library. He doesn't have to do it but we'll see if he can keep up =)

Water for Elephants // Sara Gruen
Change of Heart // Jodi Picoult
 He actually got these separately, so technically they would count for July and August. He also bought these because it was mandatory for a class, but according to him both were very good books. I'm going to borrow them this weekend and hopefully squeeze in time this month to read them! So excited...=D!

Monster Hunter Illustrations // Capcom
 I AM SO JEALOUS. When he told me he was going to buy this, I just went "meh, that's nice" but when I actually read through it...I wanted it! I'm not gonna lie, not really a Monster Hunter fan. Takes up a bit too much of D's time which pisses me off from time to time. But those illustrations. The details. AHHHH, it's ridiculous! Look for yourself...

There is so much more to it than this, but I could only snap a few before going home so of course I take some of my favourite ones! Plus, I had to use flash since it was very dim in the room =(. Sorry! But wow, if you are a fan of this game then you will LOVE this book! Plus, it's super cheap on Amazon~

Well, that's all for July and August book buys. I've been good and took pictures of all the mini gifts and random purchases I've made throughout the past few weeks. I've gathered up so much stuff it will truly shock you. Lol XD.

Anyway, until then!


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