September 4, 2011

Random Buys and Freebies (super pic heavy)

Wow okay, new blogger layout is quite overwhelming o.O! Still trying to get used to it. Sure takes a longer time to make a post now though since I have to find where the buttons are lol. Anyway, have gathered photos of all the stuff I've bought and small gifts I've received. I'd call them freebies but gifts sounds better ;).

Stuff I've bought...
"Free" glasses again! I swear shipping price increased -_-". Oh well, I love them, they look so cool =D!
Kor One Water Bottles! Got it for D's birthday because... was in Iron Man 2! Yeah, I made a little comic from the screencaps XD
The hole is nice and big for small ice cubes.
Extra battery for the camera! Came with a camera kit. Got it off sort of ripped off from the stupid shipping and handling fees from the States. -_-"
Closer look at what's inside the free kit. Includes a mini tripod, lens cleaning solution, lens cleaning brush, cleaning cloth, cleaning swabs, a bag of screen protectors, a pack of lens cleaning tissues and a cardboard for applying the screen protector smoothly. I've only tried the mini tripod so far and I really like it! SO lightweight and great for those group shots with girlfriends in a restaurant. Definitely won't support the GF2 with a lens other than the pancake though.
This is a picture of my room with the mini tripod in really dim light. Works great!
This hand cream is part of the August LuxeBox, and I find myself using it everyday! Originally I didn't like the scent but eventually I got used to it. For some reason the yellow packaging is like this constant reminder for me to put it on when I see it while rummaging through my purse...LOL. I always forget to use my other hand creams but not this one.
Pur Minerals 4 in 1 foundation, also from the August LuxeBox. I LOVE THIS THING. It's not so light that it does nothing to me but it's not so heavy that it feels like I put on a lot of make up. This thing ON IT'S OWN can cover my dark circles. It's magical! This has replaced all other powders (except the Skin79 sun powder) for me. A new must-have for me ;)
Did not take a picture of my Sally Hansen Crackle bottle in Antique Gold, but at least I took one of the result! I like it, it's pretty =D it's more special than the black which everyone seems to be using now.  I like this one more than OPI purely because it's cheaper XD heheheh.
Circle lenses! These here are EOS flower grey and EOS adult purple. However, both are not for me...I bought it for someone hahaha XD. Oh well, it still passed through me so I counted it as a purchase =P
That is all for my recent getssss! Anyway, here are some little gifts of love I received =)...
CHOCOLATES! AHH SO YUM! Thank you Season =D
Look at the cute packaging~! Felt bad for eating it but they were starting to melt in my room lol.
Cola Mentos! OH WOW I LOVE THIS  x1000000000! It's ridiculous how yum this is that I ate a bunch before I managed to take a picture of this. HAHA =D. So sad that we don't have this in Canada =(
Lovely Adidas headphones~~ I know Season will go nuts over this because it's Adidas lol ^_^
My very recent obsession...incense! I know a lot of people hate them but I like watching it burn...and the smell that lingers after is nice. My favourite of the bunch is the Vanilla yummy. Lol
My cute incense holders!
OH WOWOWOW I wanted this for SO LONG! An EOS lip balm!! SO cuuuuute! I saw this featured on people's blogs and thought it was only available in U.S. but recently I found out from D's mama that it's available in a pharmacy in Canada! So awesome~ Will try this one out and if I like it I will go buy another =D.
Got this from my sister =). I like it, it makes my hair feel instantly soft =D. Great for thick dry hair like mine~
Here is all the hair oil stuff I use. I LOVE all 3 of them, but the MoroccanOil one actually smells kinda gross compared to the Proclaim and the Macadamia ones. However, all three make my hair feel smooth and soft to the touch right after application XD
And this, my franz, is the HUGE stack of samples from my sister! So much loveeee
All the ladies stuff for me...some were samples, some were stuff she bought but doesn't use. Wonder if I'll ever use all of this -_-" I'm thinking some of the Vera Wang Princess and Euphoria stuff can go in a giveaway (HA, if we ever have one lol).
And these are freebies for my brother and D...not much to say about this stuff =P
As if that wasn't enough, she gave me a bunch of nail polishes! This is all that was in the Trade Secrets bag from the picture above. You'll notice most are pinks and purples because my sister keeps buying those and ends up with doubles without realizing it...GOOD FOR ME! Heheh.
The L'Oreal ones. Haven't tried them yet but I REALLY like that purple one in the middle. Looked so good on my sister's toes
Dark purples from Nicole and MAC.
Clearer picture of the MAC shades
Ah, decided to take one of the L'Oreal ones too...much clearer than the first picture, no?
More reddish shades! If I remember, I'll wear that OPI for Christmas haha =)
According to my sister, these are two of the best top coats she used especially the Witchcraft one. Also, she gave me those french nail strips
Finally, a BEAUTIFUL blue Essie polish! It looks soooo niceeeeee! I'm really liking Essie a lot now.
Thanks to my sister's generosity, my nail polish collection has expanded into two LuxeBoxes! WOOHOO!
Okay that's all there is to my new stuff. But there is an old item that I'm sad to part with...
Why!!!! It was finished way too soon! I loved this lipbalm, it's ridiculously good. It works so well on my always chapped lips. I have so many new lipbalms to use, some from before some from the recent gifts I got. I don't know which to use -_-"!
*Sigh* school starts this Friday for me =(. Don't want to go!! It's at 8:30am! Ahh not looking forward to waking up at 5:30am -_-" But the course does sound very fun, so that's a relief =). Also, I only have 2 days of class this semester! AWESOMES! I have class half of Tuesday and half of Friday. Ahhh, so nice~ To all the students out there, how are your schedules for the new term? Hope they're good like mine ;)



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