November 16, 2011

Hello Kitty x Forever 21 = Cuteness Overload :)

I know I said that my next post was suppose to be the looooooong overdue part two of my haul from the MAC sale but that post is taking way too long to finish T-T and thus it shall be uploaded another day. (Sorry! -__-")

Just like what the title says, I'm going to talk about the new exclusive collaboration between Forever 21 and Sanrio for a limited edition Hello Kitty fashion collection. (FYI: I'm usually not crazy over Hello Kitty stuff, but some of the items in this collection are just too cute to not talk about xD).

This collection includes a wide variety of items ranging from cute accessories (like rings, scarves, umbrella, tote bag and pouches) to socks/tights and also cardigans, sweaters, logo tees and even a maxi dress! The limited edition Forever 21 for Hello Kitty collection will be available in stores and online starting on November 18th and their prices range from USD $3.80 to $30.

Enough rambling now, check out this adorable promotional video:

And here are some pictures from the collection:
I really like this pink top and the cardigan covered in pink bows...they're soo cuteee! :)

Ahh...cute cute cute!

OMG...the scarf! :D

Photo & Video Credit: Forever 21

So....what are your thoughts on this collaboration? Are you liking it or no? If you like it, which pieces would you like to buy? Tell me what you think in the comments below! :D


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