November 30, 2011

Photo Diary - entry two.

Here's another short entry because I'm sick as hell and can't sleep. Hate how blogger app puts pictures in random order -_-!! Anyway this is a compilation of...
-two birthday cakes, because my two siblings are November babies! Mango mousse and white chocolate cake...yum!
-a lovely dinner cooked by my brother (yum chicken and roast beef...sure knows how to fatten me up lol)
-favourite nail polish of the month sandy nude brown =)
-empty classroom at 7am...sketched!
-a series of marvel and DC shirts which I've recycled over and over as my entire month's school attire...mixed with various toques. Will I ever get over this nerd phase?
-saying goodbye to Kobe, the fatty orange cat...will do more detailed post on him soon.
-nail stickers and nail art fimo arrived in the mail AT LAST.
-assorted tea packs which I brew with honey to soothe my sore throat
-assorted Liole stuff I bought to try out! There's dark eye circle cream, under
eye concealer, and a matte brown shadow. (Just realized I bought the eye cream without confirming it with my girlfriends...crap. Hope that wasn't my present! See what happens when I try to shop after my birthday Pearlie?!? Lol)

Ok I'm exhausted, I need to sleep or I'm going to die tomorrow =/ hate being sick and having to study. Can't wait till this is over damnit. Anyway I'll get back to normal soon. So long!



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