December 12, 2011

Oh you fat bastard, you.

I am so laaaazy. Lol =P I just got home from some Christmas shopping (I'm nearly done, just 3 small ones left heheh) and I am just ready to crawl into bed and watch dramas for the rest of the day hahaha. Thought I should update this blog before I let myself get TOO behind, especially since Pearlie is still quite busy. I mentioned in one of the photo diary entries about the fatty cat Kobe, my sister's orange cat. So it must've sounded bad in that post but really we just gave him away to another family because he can't be dealt with anymore (no time!!). He's with a good family now, and he's receiving the attention he craves for so that's good. Here's Kobe, last day before he was picked up:

He sleeps just like Akiko =)!!

Showing me the finger--er, paw. Lol
It's kind of sad knowing these are the last pictures I'll take of this fatty.



ThisIsAlx said...

Omggg that's so sad:(... Whyyyyyy?!?.. Akiko is gonna be bored now :(

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