December 24, 2011

Tomorrow is Christmas!

I can't believe that tomorrow is Christmas already...where did the whole month of December go? And I still had work yesterday -__-" (though I think many others did too :P).

Anyways, I shall stop complaining now. The purpose of this post is to just to post up a bunch of really cute and pretty Christmas related pictures that I've found while looking through this site called This site is updated with tons of new images every single day and there's pictures of anything you can think of.

(Note: The following images are directly linked from, so if I've used your picture and you want me to take it down or leave you a proper credit then let me know by leaving a comment below.)

These are sooooo pretty! :)
"Frosty the Snowman was a jolly happy soul..."

Can you tell that I really like Christmas cookies? ;)
I like this Christmas tree! Maybe I can put up a smaller version of this in my room? HAHA
And this one! But I wonder how many light bulbs there are in this tree though o_O
A simple but pretty snow globe! I want one xD

 Mini Christmas stockings!
Lastly, I hope I didn't get everyone bored with these pictures of Christmas (cookies HAHA) and that you understand...

Happy Holidays!


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