October 9, 2010

"Contact Us" update

So here's another post that you can just skim and forget about because it's not important but I just felt the need to tell you and blah blah blah.

In the contact us section, I removed the link to my formspring because I forgot the password AND login, so it really is quite useless now XD OOPSIES. And, I let everyone know that my dailybooth is pretty dead lately because no one I know seems to use that thing anyway, so no point putting important updates in my life up there...soooo if you want to see random pictures I post whenever I remember to log in there, by all means go visit me on dailybooth. HOWEVER, if you seriously want to talk to me or am interested in ME ME ME AND ME, then the.red.bow and my facebook will have the most recent updates. Lalala okay that's all, time to shut up~



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