October 2, 2010

Bring JYJ to CANADA!! xD

Ahahaa...yes I'm back and it's seriously been quite a while since I've last posted so hopefully I'll be finishing part 2 of the "Hills, Mountains and...Caves?" entry sometime soon...but in today's post I'll be talking about something else...hehehe :)

Sooo...three members (Junsu, Jejung, Yuchun = JYJ) from my all time favourite Korean boy band TVXQ (remember them being my obsession? xD) will be releasing a global album titled "The Beginning". In this album they're working with top US producers in order to bring to their huge fan base worldwide a truly amazing global debut album that will consist of many genres including pop, R&B and dance, and more importantly the album will be in English (LOL...how crazy is that?!?). Moreover, to promote the release of their global album, JYJ will be having a new album showcase tour in 10 cities throughout Asia and the US.

However, here's the problem: Canada is once again not on the list of cities that are to be included in the showcase tour but there's many K-pop fans here as well. Therefore, Canadian fans are determined to prove to the organizers of the tour that there's quite a bit of fans in this country and would seriously like JYJ to come and meet their Canadian fans for once! So how can you help? If you're a Cassie or is interested in this at all (I hope I got you slightly interested -__-", but even if you're not scroll down for some eyecandy...LOL), PLEASE join this Facebook group to read more about it: JYJ - The Beginning in Canada.

AHHH...They look sooo hot!!! ;D
(PICTURE & SOURCE CREDIT: JYJ's Official Website )



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