February 20, 2011

The Art of Tim Burton...and other things. (Picture heavy =D!!)

I'm still quite tired from yesterday. Even though I slept in till 3pm. Even though I napped before dinner. Even though I did nothing else but listen to music for the whole day. Heh heh.

After pulling this book out last night to show my friend, I realized I have never mentioned it on my blog.
I swear I've rotated this stupid picture a billion times and it STILL refuses to upload properly. EFFING BLOGGER.
Yay for Tim Burton! I got this book as a gift two Christmas' ago. It's absolutely amazing!
I don't remember if I ever mentioned this, but aside from Marvel and various anime/manga shiz, I absolutely LOVE Tim Burton's artwork! I've tried to look like one of his drawings once...turned out quite interesting XD.

Tried to look like my favourite character...
Well anyway, on to the pictures~

Edward Scissorhands.
Not a fan of Mars Attacks, but it's funny seeing the original sketch ;)
One of his random drawings that I love. I want to look like that O.O!

One of the reasons why Tim Burton is so awesome =)


Constipated face! Love how it won't rotate -_-"
"Misunderstood Monster"

Loving the skull~
Remember Adam?
Lydia Deetz (I think).
My FAVOURITE character, Victor Van Dort.
There you have it. The book was a bit pricey (actually the shipping was what made it so ridiculous...stupid international shipping fees -_-"), but this book is definitely worth it.

On to other things...Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is ouuuuuuuuuuuut~
And more importantly, WE HAVE ROGUE PF ON PRE ORDER!!
Oh yessss. You can try to get yours here (if you're lucky, someone may cancel...)
Can't wait to display her with my Gambit. AHHHH I CAN'T WAIT.
I'm still hoping to get Sabertooth to match Wolverine. But...well, it's easier said than done (money money moneyyyyy). Ahhh and I am currently obsessed with The Big Bang Theory! IT'S HILARIOUS! Nerds rock XD.

Anyway, that's all for today, will post about our long and exhausting adventures downtown another day.



G said...

Did you ever get the chance to go see the Tim Burton exhibit at the TIFF Lightbox? I think it's still going on till March or something.

I also liked Big Bang Theory, though one of my teachers hate it. And I watched some clips on Youtube of the show without a laugh track...and it was disappointing.

San said...

No I didn't, I'm hoping to go while it's still on =). Haha, speaking of the laugh track, I saw this incredibly stupid show on Disney once and I actually caught myself laughing a couple times because of the damn laugh track O.O...they were playing it after every sentence. -_-"

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