February 25, 2011

Bandaged legs.

I'm back as promised with something more interesting to talk about =)! A couple days ago, I received my bandage leggings in the mail from Lipgloss and Black. They are Canadian-based designers who make AWESOME stuff...very rock 'n' roll chic. I've been silently admiring/following them for a while now, but this was the first time I bought something from their online store...and I must say, I'm super impressed! Here's what it looks like:

Taken straight from their site =)

I was hesitant at first about buying anything clothing related online, because I received a horrific surprise with a dress I bought last year. *Shudders* But anyway, they had a sale on these and I just couldn't resist...I wanted a pair so bad T-T. I was super nervous waiting for them to come in the mail. But when they finally came, I was SO glad I bought them!

Cute mini tote =)
Everything looks so pretty~
I failed in taking a proper picture of them on me =(. But honestly, they are SO comfy. I swear I could sleep in them (but of course, that would be a huge waste XD)! The best part is they are exactly as pictured on their site. No scary surprises this time...*phew*. Also, the girls were incredibly sweet...aside from the little tote, there was a little signed note saying thanks for shopping from L&B. I don't know why but I was sort of touched by that for some reason...maybe because they addressed it "to Dee" instead of to customer, hahahaha XD. And did I mention Kat Von D wore some of their designs? @.@ amazing. Anyway, if you're into the edgy rocker chick style, check out their site! Or better yet, follow their blog...they have amazing OOTD posts and their tutorials are so cool =D! The only sad part is that they don't make mens wear...ahhh I can imagine how amazing it would be =O.

Ah geez, as I'm writing this post, my other stuff arrived from Hautelook...why does it all come at the end of reading week?! -_-" Will take pictures and post those up soon =D. Nap time~



Alx said...

=O dee u are soo cool!!! the leggings are soo you...and u bought something from hautelook?? i hope u didnt get charged (or charged alot for custom><) If u want a Canadian version of hautelook with less tax and no custom shop at Beyond The Rack instead!!


San said...

Lol omg why didn't you send that to me sooner! Hahaha...well, it wasn't too bad, b/c I returned something and had store credit so I just bought some random stuff ><

Alx said...

im sry!!! i thought u girls ignored my email from hautelook!!!!!!! SRYYYYY!! and actually my friend just told me about BTR a few months ago soo it's pretty recent compared to hautelook... =[ you can get ur friends to sign up under you and if they purchase u get $10 thru their 1st purchase!!!.. i have $10 on hautelook if u ever want anything from it again ..see if i still have the $10 cuz i dont think i will ever buy from there im too scared now >< although it was very tempting to see eve pearl on sale last time!!!

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