February 5, 2011

Black is the theme.

Oh wow, I just logged in and it said we've made 100 posts! So Pearlie's last snowday post was our 100th post XD YAY! Honestly, it doesn't feel like we've written that many o.O...but anyway, I've finally taken pictures of all the remaining gifts from Christmas 2010. And for some reason, they're all black! It's funny, my last few pairs of shoes I bought were all black, and now all these gifts are black. What can I say? Guess I just love the colour black. I can already imagine G and Travis laughing at that last comment...And Mister D freaking out after reading it. Wahaha.

On to the gifts:
Gift from Sir Dii's parents. Love how I give him a new nickname every time I mention him XD

Surprisingly, this is the first black PURSE I own that isn't Adidas. HAHAHA
The bag is simple, but the small details are quite lovely...and they make the bag heavier too, lol.
SIDE ZIPPERS! Excellent...a useful AND girly bag. Perfect for carrying all my junk =D!!
On to part two, my secret santa gift from Season <3!!
Black high waist belt (braided pattern, yay!), black hat (super sexy. not kidding.), and of course...
...GUITAR EARRINGS!!!! Super cute. I'll wear them and play a birthday song for you Season...NEXT YEAR. Maybe. XD
Love the silhouette of this hat. Funny, I look so pale with all the dark colours around my face o.O
Anyway, I don't know when Pearlie will be uploading her MANY MANY pictures (err, we haven't seen her JYJ album yet?!?!) but I shall post one crappy phone picture from that our girls night here...
LOL. So cute, don't you wanna hug her?
We haven't said it on our blog yet, but happy super duper late birthday to our dear Season!!! And of course, thank you for the awesome secret santa gifts~

Okay, show's over. Back to torturing myself with school work. OH YEAH forgot to say, HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR to all who celebrate it, I know Chinese and Koreans aren't the only ones but I don't know who else does, sorry ><. Either way, I wish all of you the very best =)! And fellow students, may you pass all your mid terms with flying colours >XD



Pearlie said...

I like your bagggggg! Hehehee :)

Alx said...

nice bag!!!!! and you really need to play us bday girl a bday song with ur guitar soon like on oli's and my bday =] or grrrr i'll bite you ^^

San said...

Thanks! You girls can steal my bag anytime! LOL XD. Alex, I'll try my best...I can't even play a song yet! Hahaha

Season said...

Wait u mean this year right?? I'll be looking forward to it ehhh ^^ do I get to choose the song too? Haha :P I want to see u guys again ahhhh what should we do what should we do? :)))))

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