February 24, 2011

Lucky No.7

Well, half my reading week is over and I am VERY disappointed. I ordered a few things a couple weeks ago, expecting them all to come this week. Only ONE item arrived yesterday T^T. WHY??? And tomorrow is already Friday...ughhh, it's gonna suck soooo bad if they arrive after school starts again...there'll be no time to play around with them =(. SHEESH. And now that it's almost time to go back to class, I have to start studying for my test first day back! *Sigh* Oh gawd, and there's going to be another snowstorm tonight/tomorrow. I hate winter so muchhhhh ><".

Okay, annoying rant over. Don't feel that much better after my rant but oh well XD. I did say that I would post some pictures from our trip downtown last time, haven't forgotten about that ^^. Even though we got lost and it was freezing cold, we still had fun because all 7 of us were actually there for once! Unfortunately, all the pictures we took were in my house after we came back LOL. And I never thought about this before, but I never asked any of them for permission to post pictures of their face up here...OOPSIES. You probably can't handle it anyway since most of them are awesome Asian girls' selcas. >XD HEH. HEH.
Lots of gifts for the February babies~
CAT. She was such an attention whore that night XD
Ahaha, what a lousy post! Oh well, I'll post another one tomorrow, I promise. Here's another late birthday wish to Alx and Oli~ Love you both to death =)!



Alx said...

Thank you for the bday wish and GIFTS!!!! i love the bag!! but sadly the straps are super long and isn't adjustable...=[ i MIGHT exchange it for something else.. do u mind?? ^^

I love akiko she is sooo cuteeee!!! and i cant wait till all 7 of us meet again =]

San said...

Awww, that sucks! Yeah, you can exchange it, I don't mind =)

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