February 16, 2011

Time to breathe.

Finally, I am back! Wow, it's been the longest two weeks EVER. I'm exhausted =(. But, I am now (temporarily) done with school stuff, so I can finally relax. Whew. Anyway I felt bad for neglecting the blog for so long, and wanted to make a decent post but I have nothing to blog about! Sucks. Well, at least in a day or two, my reading week officially starts, which means I'll actually be doing something besides studying. Finally, I'll have SOMETHING to blog about XD. Sooo...I guess this post will just be me going blah blah blah. How boring, I know. -_-"

Oh yeah, if you haven't done so already, PLEASE participate in Pearlie's research study! It's just a short online questionnaire (see previous blog post for link) and she REALLY needs more people to participate so she can actually gather a reasonable amount of data. If you've done it already, forward it to your friends please =).

Okay, let's call it a night and leave you with an interesting picture of my legs. I REALLY don't have any other random picture to post up. Note to self: MUST TAKE MORE CAT PHOTOS!



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