February 10, 2012


Don't you all just loveee my all-caps and creative title for this post? ;)
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Anyway, I believe it's finally time to write about what I have been "busy" with for the last few months. And I'll try to keep this short because I know how boring this post will be without any interesting pictures at all. :P

Well, around four months ago (approximately?) I started the crazy long process of applying to work as an ESL teacher in South Korea. It was a tedious process that started with the filling out of a 13-page long application form, which included an essay. Then, after an initial screening of my application form, I had to schedule for a phone interview. After I passed the interview, I had to Fed-Ex (not cheap!) them a bunch of documents, which cost a lot as well. (FYI, I started gathering these documents before I even emailed them my application because these documents take forever, kinda.) Next, after they receive my package of documents, the waiting game started. I had to wait, wait and wait some more until I get a reply for whether or not I actually got this job. (Doesn't it sound terrible? After spending lots for the documents and everything, I'm still not sure if I've gotten the job yet ><")

BUT I was eventually notified at the beginning of January that I've got placed at one of the metropolitan cities in South Korea and that I'll have to leave by mid-February for a 10-day orientation. I swear I felt like tearing up after I knew that I got the job because everyone around me saw how stressed out I was with this whole process. And it doesn't end right here. After I knew I was hired, I had to wait for the temporary contract to be mailed to me and then I need to take it and apply for a working visa, which took another few days for them to process it. And finally, the long process seems to be finished.

So now, what's the BIG announcement you may think. Hmmm...if you couldn't already tell by the above blurb, I'M LEAVING FOR SOUTH KOREA IN 6 DAYS, that's all. No biggie, right? Well, it might seem like nothing much to some of you, but it's a rather big deal for me and San (whom I'm forcing to come visit me LOL). Oh and guess what? I'm still busy packing my luggages right now as I'm typing this up -__-"

So yeah, there you have it. That's the so-called big news. Wish me luck! :D
P.S. There won't be any changes to this blog after I leave for South Korea, this means that both of us will still be posting here. Oh and hopefully, I'll be more consistent in posting because even random pictures shall be interesting when I'm in Korea? LOL :P


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