February 9, 2012

Estee Lauder and MAC Warehouse Sale (Part 2): Makeup Haul

I know this took foreverrrrrrrr, but I'm finally done with this post about the makeup products that I purchased at the Estee Lauder and MAC warehouse sale (Uhh..the sale I went to was like from last year LOL). So, let's cut the intro short and get on with the haul! :)

The first makeup related item that I picked up at the sale was a MAC Beauty Powder. I found this peachy-coral colour with gold shimmers to be sooooo pretty (after I tried many different shades at their sampling tables xD)...so I decided to get this one and its called "Shell Pearl". I got it at the sale for CAD$15, but it probably retails for approx. US$25 I think?
LOL...I took a picture of the case to show you how boring it looks :P
And here's the actual product..but I think this photo makes the powder looks way darker than it actually is -__-"
Here's a better picture and to me this seems more like the actual shade of colour...oh and you can see the gold shimmers here too! :)

At this huge sampling table, I also tried on different shades of loose powder by MAC and I really wasn't sure what shade would suit me....but in the end I picked up one of their lighter shades NC20 for CAD$15 (retails for approx. US$23).
Yup...here's the "amazing" box of the loose powder! :P
According to MAC, their Select Sheer/Loose Powder is translucent, featherlight, ultra-fine, sublimely silky and provides a sheer and micro-fine finish. Also, they claim that using this powder will matte the skin while keeping its natural glow as if one's skin is almost naked-looking. (If that sounds funny...it's not my fault. I found the description on MAC's site here and I'm just trying to paraphrase LOL :P)
LOL...this is for those who are interested in seeing the actual container of the powder xD

Other than the above powder foundation, I also wanted to buy some kind of liquid foundation because at the time of the sale (which was quite a while ago) I only had one bottle of BB Cream to use as foundation. And if you're wondering why I only have ONE bottle? Well, I actually had other liquid foundations but they were really bad in my opinion and they're getting old...so I threw them away :)

So at the sale, I found Clinique's Supermoisture Makeup Foundation for CAD$10 (retails for approx. US$24).
I got the Clinique Supermoisture Makeup in shade 01 "Pure Porcelain".
Clinique describes this liquid foundation as an "ultra-creamy yet refreshingly lightweight make-up that helps with flaw-fixing, acting as an undercover moisture agent for a dewy look." It should also help with disguising unevenness on one's skin and can instantly comfort those with drier skin types (suitable for "very cry to dry" or "dry combination" skin types). Thus, one's skin should look soft and radiant all day long. (This info is from Clinique's site.) 

At the sale, I also picked up a set of brushes from MAC. It's from their 2010 holiday collection, A Tartan Tale. The set of brushes I bought is the Sweep Me Off My Feet Sweep & Define Brush Collection and it consists of 129SE (Powder/Blush), 190SE (Foundation), 212SE (Flat Definer), 227SE (Large Fluff) and 275SE (Medium Angled Shading). I got this for CAD$25, which is quite a good deal since it was originally sold for US$49.50.
Isn't the box pretty with the tartan pattern?
These brushes come in a shiny black and gold handle. And their size is perfect for travelling! :)
This is the bag that it also comes with and it's very cute! But, I'm not sure what I'm using it for yet.
Finally, after paying at the sale we got a free gift on our way out and it was this bluish MAC Eyeshadow called Haunting and it retails for approx. US$15.

Anddddd I swatched three of these products for you to see how it looks on my skin:
If you're wondering why I've only made swatches of 3 and not all 4 of the products, well it's because the loose powder doesn't really show up after I put it on, so there's no point in doing it :P
Anyway, I'M SO SORRY that I've been MIA for so soo soooo long (if you guys still remember who I am that is LOL). And my next post shall be here very very soon and it will be the "BIG" announcement that San's been asking me to post about for a while now ><". So, bear with me and wait for it xD


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