November 8, 2010

Alien or Predator?

Dear reader. This post is not for those who can't take somewhat scary and possibly nightmarish images of alien creatures. Consider yourself warned!

So last Friday I watched Aliens. The day before that, I saw Predator (instead of doing my readings, heehee). Today I felt like writing a post on both of these nasty yet cool looking...things. So enjoy =D

Honestly, last week was the FIRST time I watched both movies from beginning to end. The first time I saw these two creatures (and learned about them) was through the first AVP (Alien vs. Predator) movie. Yeah okay I see you rolling your eyes saying what a sucky movie it was. I DON'T was cool to watch aliens fighting each other. And it was especially satisfying to see humans feel completely insignificant in comparison =D. That's probably why I really liked both the original films even more...both sort of started out with people underestimating their opponents...and then they end up running away screaming for their lives while they get killed off one by one. In the craziest ways possible. WEEE~

Don't misunderstand. I do not like scary horror films where people die. In fact, I got scared watching that crappy teen horror movie with Paris Hilton in it. OMG how embarrassing to admit that to you all T_T. But it's's veeery easy to scare me. Yet, I find myself drawn to sci-fi horror movies...especially when a super-powerful-scary alien is involved. Maybe because I know it's less likely for one of those things to be hiding under my bed rather than a serial killer who loves making wax figures. Oops, getting off topic here...

I like this pictuuuure. Taken from
Anyway. Let's move on and talk about the Predators first. I sort of favour them over Aliens because they're more technologically advanced, and have a super cool mask. But I never really liked how Predators looked under the mask...

Predator. Taken from
Don't know how accurate this is, but it seems pretty close? Taken from (forum)
Predator's face reminds me so much of those damn annoying head crabs from Half Life. Yeah I know...the Alien facehugger is more related to the head crabs from HL, but I still think the Predator's mouth (when open) looks like a head crab lunging at your face. And another thing...even though the invisible armour is really cool and I love the claw-like weapon, the self destruct bomb felt really cheap to me. Just like how I hate self-destruct moves in Pokemon. It feels so, "I DON'T LOSE. IF I DO, YOU WON'T WIN EITHER." I guess some people consider that smart, but mehh. I don't really like it >___>

Okay let's stop talking about Predator for a while. What about the Alien? I kinda like that "little head inside the head" thing. It's SO ugly...but it's also unexpected, so it works with the whole scary alien idea. ^_^ Even though they don't have all that fancy technology like the Predators do, the acid saliva/blood stuff sort of like the Predator's self destruct bomb...even if the Alien loses a fight, they still kill/injure their opponent. At close range at least. Like when those guys tried to blow off the Alien's head in the movie, the acid got on them and they were meeeeelting.That's sooo cheating (but still cool to watch) XD!! And I dunno....the shape of the Alien looks like a gigantic bug. T_T. Creepy.
I think this is the Hot Toys figure. Taken from

Alien queen, according to the site. Taken from

From what I've said about them up to this point, it doesn't really feel like I like them right? Well...I can't explain it either, but I guess there's something about ugly aliens that appeal to me. They're so scary it's just too cool. Like the Half Life aliens. Or VENOM AND CARNAGE. Especially Carnage ♥
Pretty awesome shot =D. Taken from

Okay so I've either amused you (because you think it's funny how a girl actually likes these things) or grossed you out (from the predator's face hahaha) by now. What am I getting at, really?

 ONE. I can't get enough of either of them. I don't care how crappy the movies are getting nowadays...(AVP, AVP2....the PREDALIEN?! Yeah, still looks kinda cool to me...HEHEHE) I still like to watch them tear stuff apart. So, it would be wise to buy the Alien Anthology blu ray box set, Mister D.
Looks SO COOL. Go look at it here
TWO. I like them so much that I feel the urge to collect their figurines/statues/whatever else they have. Yes, that's right. Hint hint to you, Mister D.
Only because the mask is there. And still removable. Taken from
I am very much attracted to this Alien somehow. Taken from
THREE. I don't know, I just felt like sharing my love for these two alien creatures with all of you. By the way, I'm just kidding about buying all that stuff for me, mister deeeeeeeeeeeeee. XD


Oh one last thing. If you've made it this far into my post without turning away in disgust (ladieeees XD), you won't mind answering to my title. Which do you prefer? I wonder if anyone will actually reply to this hahahaha.

Until next time!!


Principessa said...

I love the Alien queen, ever since Aliens. She is so cool and I'm glad she returns for Resurrection. Ill fated lives both those queens.

jmorgan827 said...

The "Hish" ((a.k.a. Predators) still like "Predators" better)FTW. Headhunters are awesome, there is nothing better than tearing out something's spine for a trophy.^^, and I think the same thing about headcrabs, I hate the poisonous ones they're terrible.
--Roy said...

@Principessa - Definitely, something about the Alien queen makes it look soooo badass =D

@Roy - I completely forgot about the spine-tearing it XD And yeeees...damn head crabs -_-"

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