November 21, 2010

Kao Liese hair dye in Chestnut Brown - Review.

First off, I have no pictures (aside from ones of the box). I bought the dye, did the dying, but not on me XD. So, I had no permission to take pictures of the before and after comparison...but I still felt the need to review Liese. You'll find out why in a sec.

So I mentioned before that Liese is the same as Prettia. They share the same company, same selection of colours, same price. Only difference is that Liese has instructions in English and Chinese, while Prettia is Japanese only.

I bought this hair dye at Pacific Mall with a 10% off discount. In fact, all the stores there had Liese on sale...only Liese. Which was weird, because I swear it was the same as Prettia. Since price was an issue for this person, I bought Liese for her.

Her hair prior to using Liese dye?
It was a deep red. Not as red as mine was before but more like a deep plum red. Something like this...
Taken from
Her hair after Liese dye...
In my opinion (and hers), it sucked. SO BAD. It looked almost black! It was weird, because I left it on for an hour. She had thin short hair so we piled on more than enough of the dye on. So I REALLY can't figure out why in the world it turned out so incredibly dark. It looked about 2 shades darker than the top swatch on the box in the second picture above. Sort of like this.
Taken from
I know it says chestnut brown, but it really looked more like a dark chocolate brown. When it's under the light too. Indoors, it looked completely black o.O. Okay it didn't look dyed black (like SUPER BLACK) but it certainly looked like "natural Asian hair" black. Wth??

My verdict?
I honestly don't know. It certainly covered the previous dye job pretty well, but the fact that the colour result was much darker than expected was so disappointing. I can't say Prettia is better than Liese because both boxes of Prettia that I tried were light colours while this one is dark. All I can say is, if you want some colour to show, go one shade lighter in their colour selections, just in case. You can always leave the dye on for a shorter period of time. Hope this helps =)



Anonymous said...

Maybe it is because you left the dye on too long? It says in the instructions that you are supposed to leave it on for 20-30 minutes only.

San said...

Hmm, possibly, but both Prettia dyes I used I had it on for an hour, and my cousins use Prettia and they've never had it on for any less than 40 minutes. Colour never turned out as disappointing as this. Unless, of course, Liese really is different from Prettia which is shouldn't be =(

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