November 25, 2010

The Secret of Nail Polish.

Hey everyone, our cute and bubbly friend Alex is now blogging <3 She's so adorable, I guarantee you'll fall in love with her instantly. But don't fall too deeply in love with her or someone will beat the crap out of you =D (nono, it's not me this time haha). Visit her here!
Okay here's what I really wanted to talk about today. I was incredibly bored the other day (bored from doing so many ass-ignments) so I did this crazy thing:
Wow, it actually looks HALF decent here. Sweet!
Loving this "freakishly long and demented fingers" look.
Polka dot nails! And on one hand only, because I was too sleepy to do the other. Here's the interesting thing. I went and showered/washed my hair with this on. Keep in mind that it was fully dry by the time I got in the shower...

This is how it looked after.
WHOAAAAAAAAAAA. Yeah clearly I scratch my head pretty hard when washing my hair lol.
Clearly, the black polish stayed mainly intact. After I took this picture, I literally removed the entire pink and white nail polish from my finger in one piece! And the black wouldn't even budge! (Okay, I forcibly scratched off a bit of the corners but that's about it). I was SO shocked by this. You know why?

The white was Sally Hansen. The Pink was L'Oreal Paris. The black? FREAKIN' WET 'N' WILD! That makes absolutely no sense! I was going to throw out that old bottle because I thought Wet 'n' Wild (like Bonne Bell) sucks! Who still uses this line of polish?! Holy...

I'm gonna need some time to get over this.

That is all.


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