November 13, 2010

New hair again?

Ahh, I hate studying. Especially when it's for History of Psychology...AHHHHH. Too many names to remember...T_T. Anyway, I wasn't going to make a post until after I'm done my test and assignment but that would mean no posts from me until Nov.21st hahaha. Soo, I'll try my best to slip in some simple posts here and there.

So on Thursday night, I was drying my hair and I realized how gross it looked. I REALLY couldn't take it anymore -_-" I needed a change...any change. And so, I grabbed a pair of scissors (that weren't even hair cutting scissors, because it was too late at night to sneak into parents' bathroom...) and chopped off my bangs. Yep, here it is.

Half my nose is gone! Lol. I toned down my hair colour in the picture, the lighting in the hall made it SUUUPER red -_-"
Okay that's all. XD Please bear with us as we try to survive through the final weeks of this school term plus exams =( I finish off this post with something completely unrelated to hair...

She highlighted all the key points for me. Only study partner I'll ever need =)


jmorgan827 said...

Wow, your cat is pretty 1337 helping you study like that...^^

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