November 6, 2010

Snap of the Day #13

Hmmm...I was bored the other day (uhh...more like I wanted to take a break from schoolwork :P) and I needed to drain the last bit of the battery in my phone before charging it, so I began taking random photos with this camera app that I absolutely loveeee :D. The name of this app is "Retro Camera" and its name is quite self-explanatory because in this app they provide you with five different camera styles where the various styles are all inspired by rather old-school cameras, such as the Holga camera, the Polaroid, and the Diana camera. And here are a few of the random ones I took: snoopy phone! xD

A pretty box from a wedding LOL!

JELLY BEANS...but the flavours inside are nasty, so the box is still pretty much full ><"
Ahhh...I have get back to studying now T-T, but I shall come to update with another short post soon hopefully -__-".



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