November 1, 2010


Hello, helloooo.

It's been a long two weeks since we've updated, and you can probably guess why. I've just finished my last mid term today while Pearlie is still suffering through a couple more lab reports/assignments she has to do. School sucks -_-" But anyway, that explains where we went....but what have we been up to?'s what happened to me for the past few weeks, and what to expect me to blog about (excluding school related stuff)...

-MY BIRTHDAY. >>nothing special really, but I do have some pictures to share (spent a day with my girlfriends ;) and of course mister D!!)

-my birthday presents!! >>I didn't get much besides money, but I do have a couple items to share with you~

-PSYLOCKE COMIQUETTE!! >>she has arrived! Lots of pretty pictures to come on this statue.

-announcement on a new blog! >>yeees, mister D and I are making a blog dedicated to our collectibles, but we haven't finalized anything yet, though I can tell you now it'll be an FC2 blog (love their cute layouts ^^)

-CARNAGE COMIQUETTE...coming soon >>he's ALMOST HERE. More like...this Wednesday! Pictures pictures pictures ^^

-food review! >>look forward to an "interesting" food review from me...heheheh. HEHEHEHEH.

So that's a general idea of what to look forward to from me in the next little while, and I'll try to update more regularly since my next big assignment and exams aren't coming up just yet. Ooooh yes one final exciting piece of news (for me at least), I've discovered an interesting place where I can download A LOT of paid android apps for my phone for free...WAHAHAHA. So I'm currently playing around with that =D.

In case you forgot this is San and Pearlie =)

Okay back to messing around with my phone. Ciao~



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