November 3, 2010

KFC Double Down in Canada - A [funny] food review.

Why hello again. First, I'd like to bring everyone's attentiont to my title. You should keep the words "funny" and "review" in mind. In other words, this is my way of making this looooong post more interesting and fun to read through, especially if you hate reading. And hey, the review part should be quite obvious...personal opinion. Oh and by the way, if the veeeery last picture doesn't give away the point of my post, let me tell it to you straight:
Double down = small + expensive + not as tasty as the flyer makes it look (power of deceiving ads)
And guess what? Tasty = San's idea of tasty, and ONLY San's idea of tasty. Okay, you can enjoy my article now =)

I never thought I'd do food reviews, it was never really my thing. This might actually be the first and last food review I ever do o.O. Anyway, I just HAD to write about the Double Down. I felt that it is my duty to inform fellow Canadians about this...I don't know what to call it.

What is a KFC Double Down?
Well, basically it's this new temporary item added to the Kentucky Fried Chicken menu in Canada. Basically it's two slices of their chicken acting as the "bun" part of a burger, and the filling consists of cheese and bacon. Heart attack, no?
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Well, when I saw the KFC Double down commercials on T.V. I sorta knew I had to try it. It just looked so...interesting. YES it's fast food which is fattening and bad for us, but hey, it's not like I eat this day in and day out. I CAN DEAL WITH A FEW EXTRA CALORIES. For one day at least.

So I made a deal with my stomach, where I stop myself from trying this until after my last mid term/assignment is done with, because I get a sore throat when I eat too much fried food. The day of my last mid term came, and I begged my mom to buy it home for me for lunch.

Here I am, sitting in front of the takeout KFC box. It smells of KFC yummmmmm. "Ah San, it costs $6.99 for that thing." OMG ARE YOU SERIOUS. I just stared at my mom after she said that. Apparently the combo is $8 or $8.99. Holy shiz, this thing better taste like heaven.

So I open the box and my jaw completely dropped to the ground. The size of the top (and bottom) slice of chicken is the size of my palm, if not EVER SO SLIGHTLY bigger. WHAT THE EFF?! And I thought McDonald's was a rip off. Sheesh!


About the same size as an onigiri I bought from supermarket...and the onigiri was 2 for $2.50!

I grabbed the knife to cut the Double Down in half. I laughed as I pictured my brother's horrified reaction to this thing. We were suppose to share one, because he said I'd never finish one huge Double Down. Hahaha...
Here's how this thing looks after I cut it in half.

Half of Double Down = 2 McNuggets + cheese + bacon bits

How does it taste?
You know what, I can't even tell you how long it took me to eat half of it. IT. IS. SO. DAMN. SALTY. I think something went wrong with the bacon stage, because the chicken tastes fine (surprisingly, it was not salty compared to usual KFC chicken) and the cheese tasted fine too I think, but the bacon grease sort of fused into the melty cheese, so I don't know if the cheese was actually salty on its own or not. Anywayyyyyy.
For every bite I took, I drank half a cup of water. And I'm telling you now, I usually don't drink much liquid when I eat. The saltiness and greasiness of the Double Down is just outrageous to me. Compared to this, the Big Mac is like, eating a salad or something. Now, keep in mind this is how it FELT like to me, so for all you critics out there, I don't know (or care) about which one is actually healthier.

Had to put the flyer with it. For the effect.

My verdict?
I'm glad I tried it. It completely wiped out any other fast food cravings I have. But I have only one message to all Canadians out there: DON'T EAT THIS THING. Let those cravings pass over you. Seriously. If you really want to try two chickens and some cheese/bacon, make your own, damnit! Unless you really want to of course, but don't say I haven't warned you...x____x

That's all for this review. Look forward to a post next time on a sexy gyaru inspired FOTD, which I am obviously too exhausted to post today, after taking like 50+ pictures for it lol.

See you~



G said...

We should make our own Double Downs - two grilled pieces of chicken, turkey bacon, and low-fat cheese. How does that sound? said...

Ooooh =D The best part about that is it won't cost us 7 bucks each...and I'll actually be full XD

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