November 4, 2010

San's Ever-changing Hairstyles (picture heavy)

So I decided to post something light today because I don't feel much like typing. And also partially because I'm busy playing Pokemon hahahaha XD. Here, I've compiled some pictures of how my hair has changed over the past few years. Enjoy!

Boring boring...4 years ago. Everything older than that is equally boring o.O
Long black hair and straight bangs 3 years ago
Typical long hair Asian two years ago, summer time
Chopped it all off a couple months after that summer ^
Less than two years ago (haha how accurate am I?) I turned ninja and went super short with uneven sides.
Grew out...dyed ends red.
This is just funny, had to post it. XD
Red fades as hair grows and a half years ago
Cut it again, no more crazy red hair.
Went nuts a little over a year ago and had a bold cut.
Tried to make that bold cut look Asian-y cute. That lasted a couple hours before I ditched that look. Lol
Then I went all Tim Burton-ish.
Hair kept growing...bangs grew out completely
Dyed it red and added curls =D (We're at early this year now I think)
Hair is getting quite long now, tried something new this summer.
Experimented with hair bands that same summer.
Went all "Hairspray" 70s near the end of summer (one time only though lol)
And then dyed it right before school started
Dyed it again in early October.
And now, I haven't done anything yet, so it looks like it's on its way to looking typical Asian hair soon.

 Well, there you have it. My hair. I was thinking I should go back to black and make it all curly this
Yubin of Wonder Girls, don't remember where I got this from, it's been too long ><
I don't know. What do you think?



Alx said...

Love this blog the mosttttttt.. i think u change ur hair the most out of us 7 lol and i change the leastttt>< actuallly i've never changed at allllll haha said...

Whoooops, I missed this comment! Haha you don't need to change, your hair is always perfect that's why ;)

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